Based in Toronto, Canada, hEr VOLUTION is the go to place for youth, particularly young women from underserved communities to come to in order to advance in 21st Century Skills. We exist to create opportunities for the next generation of women in STEM connecting them with leaders in the industry for career support. We listen to the needs of the community and that of the STEM industry to better help the next generation of underserved youth, with a focus on young women to enter STEM.

Are you a 13- 17 year-old BIPOC girl/gender non-conforming high school student interested in STEM?

If so, you have come to the right place. 

STEMing UP is our FREE 2-week opportunity for girls and gender non-conforming youth aged 13-17. 

In collaboration with Canada’s technology leading industry partners such as Okta, Rootquotient and 30 Forensics Engineering, STEMing UP Program aims to equip 13-17 year old BIPOC girls and gender non-conforming youth in Ontario with the confidence, skills, professional portfolios, and networks to pursue fulfilling careers in the STEM industries.

Our aim? To break down barriers and inspire teens to pursue higher education and careers in STEM. We seek not only to teach you technical knowledge, but also leadership and confidence.  Why? Because you belong in STEM!